Cody Yelton therapeutic massage
I handle the issues in your tissues.

My Training & Approach

I graduated with Honors from the Boulder College of Massage Therapy (BCMT) in June, 2010, with over 1000 class hours of training. I've been trained in a variety of massage styles, including massage-cupping, and ranging from deep tissue work to light pressure modalities. I use an integrated approach with each client to give them an effective and yet relaxing massage.

My goal is to build lasting and rewarding relationships with my clients and our community by combining the skills I’ve built through my education (both at BCMT and the University of Florida) and my professional and personal life experiences.

My experience working with many different clients ranging from athletes and combat veterans, to the elderly and HIV/AIDS patients, and even animals, has showed me that massage is a powerful way of helping everyone achieve health and balance in their lives.

Massage can serve many purposes and the experience is unique for everyone. A session could offer much needed relaxation, a way of helping your body overcome an injury or chronic health concern, a way of learning to listen to your body, or be a part of your health-maintenance program. Everyone’s needs are different, and I am committed to providing a nurturing and safe environment where every client is able to experience the therapeutic benefits of massage.