Cody Yelton therapeutic massage
I handle the issues in your tissues.


"I have been seeing Cody for a couple of years now and she is amazing!  Not only do her massages feel awesome, but as the owner of a moving business, she helps keep my body tuned up.  I refer her to all of my friends, and her massages make the perfect gift.  She is flexible with her hours, and can even come to you! Highly recommend! " - Wade Swikle, President, 2 College Brothers, Inc

“I came to Cody because I had chronic sports-related pain in my lower-back and neck area. I had previously tried chiropractic care, acupuncture, acupressure and traditional physical therapy with little results. After a single session with Cody, I felt a significant decrease in pain, as well as significantly improved flexibility. After more sessions, I can play golf multiple times a week, as well as baseball and tennis with no pain. With the increased flexibility I have seen a jump in distance off the tee in my golf game, and a little extra speed in my tennis serves. I still suck at baseball, but that’s not Cody’s fault. It’s clear that the additional training she has completed and her professionalism make the difference in her approach to treatment. I’m confident that anyone with chronic pain would benefit from Cody’s expertise. Her personality is a joy and the treatment environment relaxing. Do yourself a favor and give her a call”– Michael B.

"As a Gainesville resident, I've had 15+ years of therapeutic massage services at a variety of local businesses. Then, recently, a coworker gave me a gift certificate to visit Cody for a therapeutic massage. What a amazing experience I had with Cody!  Friendly, upbeat, thorough, and heavy handed, Cody provided a relaxing hour long deep tissue massage that targeted all the key areas we talked about prior to the session. I thought she really took time to listen and understand my needs before she began. In addition, her office is quite, serene and very clean. Plus, as a added bonus, I received an extra 15 minutes to my session for being a first time client. What a deal! If you are looking for a hassle free therapeutic massage experience that's convenient for your schedule and affordable, please take a moment to visit Cody, she is well worth the time and money." - Tom R.

"I once heard a message as a youth entitled, “What difference does your life make?” The message delves into the importance of using our time here on earth to impact lives in a positive way. It has become extremely clear to me that an individual can make a difference in one’s life. Cody Yelton services rendered to me as Massage Therapist has been a tremendous blessing and brought about a soul searching view of the times we are living in now and the shift we must make in keeping this society real as we focus on what’s really important. She provides more than just a Massage. She provides a listening environment where one can be heard and not judged while at the same time providing the client one of the most powerful healthful deep tissue massages one can imagine. At her business you get more! Interestingly it happens to you without you actually realizing it. She provides conversations that are engaging about life challenges that just makes sense. I am almost vegan now as a result of just a basic conversation about healthy eating and its benefits to our health. My health is better and my reflections about what’s really important that makes a difference have broadened. Thank you Cody for always being frank and honest and making your place of business one in which I always look forward to come for the incredible service you provide making all of us better as a result of your healing work." - Reginald Williams

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